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Frequently asked questions (i68 discord edition)

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    Frequently asked questions (i68 discord edition)

    The main FAQ can be found here: and takes precedence over this list.

    The insomnia discord frequently asked and now answered questions:

    Is EAS going to be a thing this time? Yes:
    Wizzo - The Pub Quiz Guy: there will be EAS as always

    What side of the venue are we on? Halls 1-5:
    Wizzo - The Pub Quiz Guy: 1-5

    Wizzo - The Pub Quiz Guy: For COVID, it's a fluid situation. We've obviously been working hard on that. We'll have things in place that are appropriate and reasonable for the stage of the pandemic we find ourselves in. Let's hope, we will be at the end of the current wave in March, so the impact will be minimal. It is too early to say though

    Indoor camping? Yes:
    Wizzo - The Pub Quiz Guy: There will be indoor camping

    Will loyalty levels from the before times still count? Yes:
    GeoSnipe: Loyalty levels were frozen at the current level due to the pandemic, everything will continue on right where it was left with no penalties
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